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Welcome to Forge

Strength is fundamental to healthy maintenance of body and mind. While introducing new concepts to an existing routine or getting started for the first time may seem daunting, Forge Fitness is devoted to its clients’ successes on the path to wellness. Our movement-based programs allow people to have fun, get stronger and feel incredible as they, at their own pace, work toward individual goals. Though shedding the pounds ahead of a family gathering or beach season can be effective, the results of that hard work can also be short-lived without some level of consistency and a manageable routine in place. We’ll make sure your efforts pay off — and stay that way.

Skip the quick fix and forge a lifestyle. We’re ready when you are.

Start Where You Are Now

Forge Fitness opens its doors to all interested in a personal approach to wellness. Our programs are modified to suit each individual student’s level of strength, mobility, experience and commitment to their fitness goals.

We aim to help all individuals begin moving and feeling better with an emphasis on strength, mobility and stability forging a path to greater overall health. Whether you’re an athlete familiar with StrongFirst® methods or someone who’s never heard of kettlebells, consider this an open invitation to join our personalized health-conscious community that is Forge.

Our Process

Our goal is to assist all students in moving better, moving stronger and moving without pain. We believe health and fitness should be a habit that’s repeatable, daily. We offer private and small-group training sessions, each taught by qualified, educated instructors with every individual's needs being the top priority. 

Forge services are designed with progression in mind. New students can walk in having never participated in a similar workout, or even exercised in their entire life, and start then and there.

All classes are limited to no more than six people to ensure personal strength and fitness goals are met in an intimate, non-intimidating atmosphere. Each session features the knowledge, experience, and passion of the instructor, as well as plenty of peer support from fellow classmates.

If you’re willing to commit to our program, Forge guarantees a noticeable increase in strength, mobility and endurance as we work toward an established goal. There is no limit to what you can achieve.

Please note: though open to all, we recommend our new students begin with a few private sessions before joining a group class.


Forge Fitness Services

Designed With You in Mind


Movement Screen

As a new student our Functional Movement Screen (FMS) helps  identify asymmetries which may result in functional movement deficiencies. We work with you to regularly forge proper form.

New Student Start-Up Sessions

One-on-one training to assess individual needs with a strong emphasis on healthy movement patterns and intrinsic strength.


Private Sessions

One-on-one training in a closed door setting with programs specifically targeted toward individual goals.

Group Classes

Small, three to six person group classes focusing on strength, mobility and endurance in a communal setting, but with a direct focus on individual needs and abilities.


Online Training

Tutorial, goal-specific programming, nutritional counseling and stability training available through a variety of apps, as well as one-on-one video conferencing.

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Nag, nag, nag...
Trainers in today’s world of exercise and fitness are a dime a dozen. Finding an instructor that safely teaches skills you can use throughout a lifetime while helping you achieve your short-term goals is a rarity and a truly special find. Maggie brings a commitment to her instruction and clients that you simply won’t find with other trainers. She is committed to the lifestyle and art of fitness and kettlebells, sharing that passion and skill with those she trains. Kettlebells are an incredible tool that, when used properly, can have a long-term, life-changing effect on your health, fitness, and even rehabilitation. Whether you seek strength, weight loss, greater mobility/stability, or simply crave more than today’s overly common “no pain, no gain” fitness mindset, Maggie will help you challenge your mind and body to your greatest possibilities of strength, empowerment, and personal achievement. I cannot encourage you enough to take this life-changing fitness journey with Maggie.

Lindsey Richtmyer

Forge Fitness


Maggie Burrows

Owner // Instructor

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