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Pull-ups. I had always wanted to be able to do them but seemed just out of reach. Maggie wrote me a program that was super easy to follow — and it worked! Increased body strength had also always been a goal of mine, so Maggie wrote another simple “at home” program for me to follow. Working out at home can be hard due to lack of equipment, nobody around to hold you accountable, etc. Maggie managed to create a super simple program to follow that doesn’t take 2 hours to complete.

The best part about her workouts are that they are short and sweet, 60 minutes at most from beginning to end and that covers warm-up and cool down. She creates workouts that cover the entire body and don’t require fancy equipment or multiple hours to complete. Plus, Maggie knows what she’s talking about. She has a real understanding of the human body, how they differ from person to person, and techniques to best suit your needs. Fitness trainers can be easy to find, but finding one with the knowledge, know-how, and passion is next to impossible. Maggie is all of that.

Sarita Cantu

Maggie has been training me since 2013, and I have since immensely improved my strength and physical capacity. When we first started working together, I was very inactive and had very little strength. Prior to kettlebell training, I would start a weight loss or fitness program and quickly quit. Maggie was patient and worked with me to make sure I understood the techniques and stayed motivated. She has been so encouraging through my journey and I know I would have quit a long time ago if it had not been for Maggie. I now have a passion for working out and kettlebells! I love seeing myself progress, become stronger and reach my personal goals.

Maggie is extremely dedicated to her craft and is very passionate about kettlebells. She is 100% invested in her clients and their success and progress. Maggie is fun to work with, personable, and an excellent communicator. She’s continually helping me improve my technique on the path to more effective and injury-free training. Maggie is very professional and has an immense understanding of human movement. She creates new and challenging blocks for us to make each session different. I am very fortunate to have benefitted from Maggie's dedicated, patient and precise instruction. She is the BEST!

Sari Feenstra

I worked as a distance coach with Maggie, initially just to learn the basics of kettlebells, but eventually progressed to getting certified as a StrongFirst® Kettlebell instructor. Maggie cleaned up my form and wrote such stellar programming that my certification weekend was a breeze!

Ryan Jore

When I started working with Maggie, I had recently injured my shoulder and was struggling with rehabilitation. I warned her that it provided persistent pain and had not responded well to physical therapy given I still had to use and abuse it at work and home. She adjusted my workouts to strengthen my shoulder. Now, only a few months later, my shoulder is far more rehabilitated than I had ever expected. I’m even doing pull ups! I also lost 10 pounds and feel much better about myself and my health. Maggie is the best trainer I’ve ever been to and I highly recommend her classes!

A. Kendall

When I turned 60, I was looking to enter my senior years with enough strength, stamina and stability to fully enjoy this time in my life. That’s when I found Maggie. The fact that we are still working together three times a week after three years should tell you everything you need to know about Maggie’s abilities to motivate and produce results.

More specifically, however, Maggie is first and foremost a truly PERSONAL trainer. She knows what I want and need to accomplish, and of equal importance, she understands what motivates ME to consistently exercise. She knows that I am not motivated by personal records or, heaven forbid, a sculpted set of abs. I want to fearlessly buy dog food in 50-pound bags knowing I can unload it, to stand in the middle of the room and put my jeans on, to be the first one to volunteer to pick up something that has fallen on the floor, and to be able to get in to and out of the lowest car or the highest pickup truck without concern, all of which I can now do with ease thanks to Maggie.

She is knowledgeable – a real stickler for proper form and biomechanics. She is creative – like snowflakes, no two workouts are ever the same, and they are never boring! She is flexible – always willing and able to adapt workouts to suit the realities of your life. When I hurt my knee in an unrelated event, she tailored our sessions to both rehab my knee and keep my core and upper body strong while waiting out the healing process. And, of no small significance, she’s fun! I can say with complete honesty that I have never left a session wishing I had not been there, both physically and personally. I really cannot recommend her highly enough.

Kristi Kendall

Dear Maggie,

I am writing to you today to express my sincere gratitude for the personal training you have provided me over the past 3+ years. I can’t express enough my thanks for the results I have achieved from working on building strength, mobility and flexibility while learning the proper form and techniques used in weight lifting. My endurance and heart health has also improved from working out under your direction.

When I started kettlebells, my goal was overall fitness so I could maintain my quality of life as I aged. Little did I realize I could actually improve my quality of life by getting stronger. I knew weight lifting was important to maintain bone and muscle mass but working out with weight machines was boring and a little intimidating. I had tried kettle bells with another trainer and discovered I really liked them. When I started with you as my trainer, I was so impressed with the diversity of the workouts you prepared and how challenging but totally doable they are. 

I turn 66 this year and I am still getting stronger thanks to you. You have helped me continue to overcome muscle imbalances I’ve developed over years of sitting at work. Because of your knowledge of movement patterns, you have helped my posture, mobility and flexibility. My strength gains help me manage my small farm of sheep, chickens, guinea hens and bees as it requires lots of hauling and lifting of water, bags of feed, and hay bales including occasional sheep wrestling. 

My overall health has improved, and my body composition has also changed for the better. I love the feeling of being strong and healthy and I am lucky to have found someone so dedicated to physical fitness, not only for herself but for her clients.

Thanks again, Maggie!


Robin Billau

I met Maggie Burrows at a StrongFirst® certification in Seattle. She was assisting on the team I was assigned to. My introduction to Maggie just so happened to be a complete game changer. Throughout the highly demanding three-day course, Maggie assisted me with precise technical cues that made all the difference in my abilities to meet the strict testing standards that were required.

I observed her working with others within the group, showing skills to each of us and never breaking her patience. Her ability to troubleshoot each individual’s obstacles was astonishing. She seemed to naturally be on tune with each of our questions regarding the movements and could really speak in a language that matched the same level of each individual. Whether it was the highly advanced or those in the beginning stages of experience, Maggie has a knack for connecting the dots for others, making them feel as if they are part of the process.

After completing the testing standards, I failed my first snatch test. Maggie was the person counting my reps and had no problem telling me my “NO COUNTS” along the way. After the certification weekend, she contacted me right away to make sure I got started on the training protocol that would ultimately end in my successful completion of SFG1 Instructor. Maggie followed up with me almost daily to track my progress, as well as some FaceTime critique since we live in different states. She was a proficient coach with both her strategic programming as well as the mental confidence she helped reinforce along the way. I have no doubt Maggie was the cornerstone of my success in completion of SFG1. I will be continuing to seek out Maggie’s help on my future athletic pursuits.

Justin Bendsneyder

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